I created this poster using my knowledge on HTML and CSS.

Ultimate Vacation

This Webpage is about three locations in the world that I would like to go to. This page includes information about the locations, informatioThis second […]

Movie Landing Page

I created this landing page for old Zorro movie called “Zorro’s Fighting Legion”. This landing page was created for mobile device online. Link for the […]

Bad Site makeover

I developed a mockup for a website called MGBD Parts. The mockup is about a new design for the main page of that site.

Fake Superhero school

These are Mock-ups for a Fake superhero school Website, that I created for a class project. I created three mock-ups for the site, one mockup […]

Mondrian 2.0

In this project, I used my previous Mondrian project and I added animation, text, typeface, and interactivity. For each of the areas of the colored […]


A CSS layout based on a Piet Mondrian painting. I chose a a geometric Mondrian painting from Artstor and I copied the composition directly into […]

Dynamic site

This site is the dynamic version of the static site. This site looks different from the static version because I adjusted the HTML, CSS, and […]

Static Website

This is an example of a Static Website that I created in my Web Design II course. This is website has information about the Bat-Family, […]

Car Insurance AD

This an ad for a company called Heritage Classic Car Insurance, which sells insurance for classic. I decided to make an Ad for this website […]